Butler Associates

An international architecture firm that required a logo and an unfussy online portfolio to showcase their rich body of work


Rank Interactive


  • Brand identity
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • FE development

The logo

The logo is an abstract letter B that subtly represents a tall building with one light on, whilst the name is written in a classical serif font called Benton Modern to give the lock up a traditional and authoratative feel.

Showcasing the projects

The homepage presents itself with a full height carousel of featured projects to bring gravitas to the beauty of their work.

After a short introduction their portfolio of work is presented on a large tiled grid. This grid could be anchored too quickly from the global navigation and secondary content pages.

Value proposition

An integral part of their offering was their internationalism. To communicate this gently and provide function, the projects could be filtered by their location.

On the project page a breadcrumb reinforced this and enabled the end user to jump to a pre-filtered homepage.

Streamline development

To keep build times to a minimum the website was built from two page templates; the homepage and the article page. The article page accounted for all architecture projects and the contact section.