Client: Microsoft

Tags: Animation, Game, Development, Illustration

Fishticuffs was a 2 player game developed to increase session time on Microsoft Messenger and spread the brand throughout it's two main rivals - Facebook and Twitter. The game became the mascot title for Messenger in the UK as well as one of the platforms most succesful.

- Generating 30 years of gameplay

- 40 Million games played

- 5 million unique users

- Design, animation, mechanics and FE code all by me


Players were incentivised to play and share through an in game reward scheme - by winning more games and sharing their game results on social networks, they were able to unlock different fish. Cod Stewart, Winston Perchill, Finny Jones, Jean CLaude Van Clam and the beast - Christian Whale, all slithered quietly passed Microsofts legal department.


After the initial success of the game there was a big advertising push on Facebook and YouTube for which I also created the advert..

Going viral

Because of it's non censored customisation options (like your victory cry), it proved an excellent vehicle for uncensored banter, which helped viral activity no end. You could also put something on the result - like the next tea round, or just play for pride.

Menu screen

The pre game menu was an experience in itself. The player caught the type of fish and established it's size.