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Client: Various

Tags: Animation, Game, Development, Illustration

For my first job at Thin Martian I used to make a lot of video games and animations for some pretty big clients. Unfortunately these were all with Adobe Flash and as browser support for this has wained, I have diversified more into UX and UI. I will always have a soft spot for video games and animation.


Client: Sony Ericsson

Originally a limited release on Windows Live Messenger across South America, this game proved the continents most popular sponsored game ever on the platform, with over 5 million plays in a 3 month period. It also managed to drive 300, 000 players to the Sony Ericsson site. Off the back of this success Messenger released a non sponsored version accross the EMEA market.

Pastures New

Client: National Health Service

This game sat on the National Health Service website - it's purpose was to give quitting smokers a diversion from their cravings. This game holds a special place in my heart as it was my first flash game I created.

The Moustachios

Client: Pepsi

This Beuna Vista style group were the skin for a souped up version of the old Simon Says board game. It's a memory game where the sequence increases by one each time you remember it in full. Pepsi in the UK wanted a fun game to play to coincide with the launch of their new logo.