FunFair Technologies

A UK startup that utilises the blockchain to provide casino and slot games that are provably fair. They required full UX/UI of their launch product and placeholder branding


FunFair Technologies


  • Brand identity
  • UX Design
  • UI Design

The logo

The main logo and value proposition logos were created from an isometric cube to allude to the blockchain technology that forms the companies foundations. The cubes are transparent to reflect the transparency and fairness of the transactions. Whilst technical and sophisticated, the logo's aesthetics still maintain a sense of fun.

Subsidary logos

FunPass was a passport the player obtained to allow play on any casino powered by FunFair Technology.

The FairContract was the contract drawn up between house and player.

InstantPay was the immediate transfer of winnings or losses at the end of a gaming session.

FairCheck was the proof that each game transaction had been random and fair.

White label website

The main visual goal of the white label casino template was to easily absorb the brand of any third party operator, whilst giving the appearance of being unique and bespoke to that brand alone. It was largely built on Google's Material library.

A tough onboarding

The initial MVP was for a tech savvy persona accustomed to the intricacies of a blockchain onboarding. However future proofing was key and we needed to make it as accesible for a novice as possible. The onboarding process took at least 2 days for the user to complete and a large chunk of that was off site, so we had to keep them as informed as possible. It involved installing a compatible browser and a third party digital wallet, acquiring a user check and passport to play, and obtaining Ethereum and Fun token currency to bet on the games.

As this process was lenghty it was important it didn't interfere with browsing the site and accessing demonstration versions of the games. The onboarding tab was always accesible so they could check their progress and if they performed any actions that required full onboarding they would be taken to this section as a reminder.

Control panel

The control panel allowed was where operators managed their online casino and viewed statistical data.


The casino games required an interface that was fully responsive and brought consistency between themselves and the casino lobby.