A collection of logo's and branding I have created over the years.




  • Brand identity
  • Graphic design


TimeOut London ran an illustration competition to be featured on their front cover. My original plan was to create a simple logo for London taking inspiration from the famous I Heart NY design. It evolved a bit during design but the concept was based on sharing London on Instagram; the city name and it's icons appear in a hashtag.

London Underground

The other design I entered also used the lettering to convey imagery but was a deconstructed grimey london underground aesthetic that could resonate with the reader on their miserable morning commute.

Dip Print Studios

Dip Print Studios is a start up company that specialised in hydrographic printing, where a print design is applied to a three dimensional surface by dipping the object in a water transfer. They required a fun and playful logo and brand that helped communicate their business offering.

Promotional collateral

As the procedure was relatively unknown, and to capture the essence of the brand, the business cards and other promotional items used vibrant transfer patterns and suggested at or showcased the techniques and results of the printing.

Châteaux & Vignobles en Provence

Business facing logo for a French wine group. The final composition shows a glass of white and red wine with the negative space suggesting a row of grapes. The colours are also conveniently representative of "Le Tricolore"!

Czech Report by Earthwatch

Created for a report on the effect of acid rain on the rivers and forests of the Czech Republic way back in 1999.

The client for this was my very own mother! It has since been reworked for my portfolio but the original version can be seen in the showcase video in Flash Archives.


Kingscote is an English wine that required a logo that balanced the modern with the traditional.

The K of Kingscote (creating a strong tie between logo and brand name) is the valiant king defending his land, with the crown atop his head and his sword held high. Behind him the sun rises over the rollings hills of Sussex, England, the very land he protects, and the plantations of Kingscote vineyard.

Just Seychelles

Just Seychelles is a tour operator that specialises in the archipelago of the Seychelles.

The logo is based on the Frangipani; a flower that is native to the Seychelles. The front leaf folding back is also in the shape of a heart to signify the company and it's customers passion for the islands.

FunFair Technologies

FunFair is a UK startup that utilises the blockchain to provide casino and slot games that are provably fair

The main logo and value proposition logos were created from an isometric cube to allude to the blockchain technology that forms the companies foundations. The cubes are transparent to reflect the transparency and fairness of the transactions. Whilst technical and sophisticated, the logo's aesthetics still maintain a sense of fun.

Butler Associates

Butler Associates are an international architecture firm.

The logo is an abstract letter B that subtly represents a tall building with one light on, whilst the name is written in a classical serif font called Benton Modern to give the lock up a traditional and authoratative feel.