Mecca Bingo

Client: Rank Interactive

Tags: UX/UI

Mecca Bingo is the largest bingo provider in the UK. The website required a complete re-design to create a more manageable and sustainable digital offering. This included Mecca's first venture into responsive design, and a more streamlined system of component led templates.

Pick a colour

To appeal to a larger demographic, Mecca wanted to move the brand away from vibrant pink without alienating the existing customer base. Our solution was to create a design where the user could choose the base colour of their experience from the pallete of the Mecca logo. It also added to the playfulness of the brand.

Limit components

The site was built up from as few bespoke components as possible. This helped with the initial development timelines but it's main ambition was to limit technical bloating and streamline site maintenance.

Asset creation

One of the biggest drains on resource from the previous site was the asset creation. Creatives spent most of the time resizing promotions and imagery to populate the site. The new site was based on only 3 images with set ratios, allowing creatives to concentrate on being creative, with any resizing performed automatically by the CMS.