Rank Templates

Initially a redesign of Grosvenor Casinos, but ultimately a CMS library of white label templates and components to improve economies of scale and multi brand opportunites.


Rank Interactive


  • UX design (collaborative with Head of UX)
  • UI design

The homepage

The homepage for a casino is in more demand than most. Various stakeholders all wanted priority homepage estate for their products within the business, with as little scrolling as possible - this meant a heavy cognitive load for the user. On hover in a cursor environment the other sections would all fade down with the exception of their titles, decreasing a lot of the clutter, enabling clear signposting of all sections, and offering more focused browsing.

The templates

Casino websites are brochure sites for third party games and playable content, but they are also huge ecosystems of related account actions, promotional activites and informational systems for land based retail. However if planned correctly we really could boil everything down to a few dynamic templates built upon a library of components

Pseudo modal

The slot games, casino games and retail sites, all appeared in a psuedo modal. This gave the impression the user was not detached from their original browse, but allowed for the benefits of a URL. The user could then remain in this pseudo modal and move forwards and backwards through the relevant content list.

Limit components

The templates needed to be built from as few components as possible to create a framework with limited technical bloat that could be easily and cheaply iterated to meet the demands and expectations of the end users and stake holders.

Economies of scale

The design system had to be as flexible as possible without compromising on design patterns and the base structure.