In 2012 I travelled through South America. The landscapes were pretty stunning and diverse. Taking inspiration from my favourite photos I created my first font; Sudamérica (coming soon).




  • Typography
  • Photography


The trip started in Santiago, Chile. From here I ventured down this elongated country into the mountains and lakes of Patagonia.


The Perito Moreno glacier was a day excursion from the Chilean side of Patagonia so it felt Argentina begain properly in Cordoba - famous for it's vineyards. A few days in Beunos Aires and on up to Iguazu.


After passing Iguazu falls on the Argenitine border, with the exception of a night in Brasillia, my time in Brazil was confined to Rio for carnivale. There were lots of opportunities for some great photos but I had my Caipirinha lens on which is difficult to focus.


Bolivia was the ideal place to take photographs becuase of it's diversity. The majority of the photo's are from either the Atacama Desert or the Amazon rainforest. The little Capuchin monkey wasn't wild, hence the proximity, he was one of my mates from a fortnight stint in an animal sanctuary.


It's not hyperbole when people say the Inca trail and Machhu Pichu have the best views you can experience on this planet.