Branding, aquisition website and SAAS tool for an award winning online game builder.

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Branding
  • Animation
  • FE Development

The logo

A simple bold symbol that depicts the conventional play icon folding out from a traditional book. This represents the brands core proposition - build games for an audience to learn through play.


A lightweight aquisition site to showcase the products value, build authority and maximise conversions. Front and back end development of this site was by Ian Routledge.


The tool

Once subscribed the user can log in to the private tool and start creating absorbing games for their audience.

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The game builder

The builders basic tools are intuitive and accesible and give the user all they need to make a great game. The core building blocks of a game are called steps which are stitched together to produce multiple possible narratives; akin to a 'Choose your own adventure' format.

Unlocking the power

As the user gains confidence the tool offers more intricate features that enable more possibility and creative power. Input steps include multiple choice, text input fields and select menus. The response dictates the users score and pathway through the game. The steps can also be non-input elements such as imagery, video, particle effects, layered background imagery and animation, transition effects and conditional logic checks against defined variables.

Panel positions and functions like the toolbar imitated other widely used production tools like Google and Office suites.
Global styling in settings complimented contextual stylings in the game editor.

Your game, your rules

As well as filling their game with rich and unique multimedia content, it can be styled with different fonts, colours and effects. Different transitions and timings could also be applied to the game assets to create truly unique experiences.


Administrators can track player decision making, spot potential risks and measure behaviour change in real-time. This data can then be exported offline and migrated to a companies LMS.

File and account management

The tool includes account and file managements systems typical of a SAAS product. An image led folder system on the dashboard provides an overview of the library of projects available. The majority of account management involves adjusting the various permissions between users and projects, which is somewhat dictated by membership levels.

User generated output

The game can be published to a URL for either a private audience or as a public release.

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