I used to design, animate and code video games that were played by hundreds of millions all over the world.

  • Game Development
  • Animation
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Branding


Fishticuffs was a two player game developed to increase session time on Microsoft Messenger and spread the brand throughout it's two then main rivals - Facebook and Twitter. The game became the mascot title for Messenger in the UK as well as one of the platforms most succesful. In spite of the games success, Messenger didn't last many more years and Facebook and Twitter went from strength to strength.


Players were incentivised to play and share through an in game reward scheme - by winning more games and sharing results across the social networks, they were able to unlock different more powerful fish. Cod Stewart, Winston Perchill, Finny Jones, Jean CLaude Van Clam and the beast - Christian Whale, all slithered quietly passed Microsoft's legal department.

Going viral

There was a traditional banner advertising campaign on Facebook but because of it's non censored customisation options (like your victory cry), it proved an excellent vehicle for banter which really helped it's virality. If playing for pride wasn't enough, you could also put something meaningful on the result - like the next tea round.

Paul Decides

Paul, now deceased (RIP), was an octopus famous for predicting football match results. He really made it to the big time during the 2010 world cup. My friend Ian and myself wanted to create a viral tool off the back of his notoriety where you could create a question and couple of answers (or predictions) and share your creation across social media channels. You could leave the answer up to Paul to choose, or you could fix the system. This invariably led to some pretty cheeky banter / cyber bullying - but it definately helped it's virality.

Penny's Halfpipe

This game mechanic was originally created for a BBH advertising campaign for some italian chewing gum - not the skin of the game I'm showing here. This simple game required the user to click to jump off the half pipe, and then click again as close to the top of the jump to perform a trick.

Keepy Uppy

A turn based game of keepy uppy you could play with your friend over Messenger. The more control you excercised on your go, the smaller your friends ball became.

Career Ladder Challenge

Soft drinks giant Red Bull wanted a viral game to coincide with an unexplored avenue for their brand. Everyone knows Red Bull gives you wings, but did they know that drinking Red Bull could benefit your career by giving you more energy and a revitilised mind? The mechanic was a simple jump, smash and duck game over 3 different levels with the finale in the big dogs office.


Originally a limited release on Windows Live Messenger across South America, this game proved the continents most popular sponsored game ever on the platform, with over 5 million plays in a 3 month period. It also managed to drive 300,000 users to the Sony Ericsson site. Off the back of this success Messenger released a non sponsored version accross the EMEA market.

The Mousta - chios

Pepsi in the UK wanted a fun game to play to coincide with the launch of their new logo. This Beuna Vista style group were the skin for a souped up version of the old Simon Says board game. It's a memory game where the sequence increases by one each time you manage to remember it in full.

Pastures New

This game sat on the National Health Service website - it's purpose was to give quitting smokers a diversion from their cravings. This game holds a special place in my heart as it was my first flash game I created.


I designed this pirate scene and printed it on canvas as a gift to welcome my nephew into the world.