Pitch identity and website for a premium print studio based in Sydney.

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Branding
  • Animation

The logo

The inked C for carbon is housed in the top left corner of the eight. This element is then used in various presentations to convey the traditional transfer of ink from vehicle to surface.


A series of posters utilising the logo to showcase the capabilities of Carbon 8 as a premium printing service and inspire clients.

Emboss w/ spot UV w/ ultra-violet fluorescing inks
Digital foil w/ spot UV
Bronze and silver digital foil
Laser cutting w/ white ink
A calendar to inspire clients


The website is bold and fun and uses motion to stand out from it's competitors. The homepage carousel transitions as if printing the next slide.

View anima prototype

In a bind

The menu lists behave like a binded book. In addition to the various printing methods, binding is a key service offered by Carbon 8.