Graeme 'The Scotsman' McColgan required a logo and playful website to promote his services as a professional musician.

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  • FE Development

A classic Scottish tale

Graeme is introduced with uke in hand and beer underfoot looking out over the famous mountains of Glencoe. However like myself, Graeme has since upped sticks and emmigrated to the warmer climes of Australia. So, at the end of the page we see he has scarpered from the drizzle, leaving half his pint behind (highly unlikely) which his furry friend is now eyeing up.

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Graeme's dignity

Someone left a mirror in the website introduction and because Graeme is wearing a kilt, he became compromised. To quote Brass Eye "This is the one thing we didn't want to happen". Luckily should you, the perverted user, use this apparatus and try and sneak a peak at Graeme's unmentionables, some of his fellow countrymen are there to preserve his dignity and show their disappointment.

Not sure

A proud scotsman

Proud scotsman aren't hard to find and Graeme is no exception. For the website hero I covered his case with Scotland stickers, from England hating Wallace, the crest of his beloved Celtic, some proof of Nessie, right through to Trump - who has a scottish mum who I'm sure loved him very much.

Sticker trail

Any quick mouse movement will also leave a trail of these stickers in the cursors wake, momentarily covering the content. I wanted the website to have that scrap book vibe - an organised mess.

The laddie done well

For the testimonial section the lights go down and a projector plays some joyful Scottish success stories behind Graeme's glowing reports.

Some happy gentlemen brigadooning
Archie scoring against the Dutch
William getting everyone riled up
Stephen's 7th world title

Pluck yourself

If you trigger the contact modal you are rewarded with your own cursor controlled plectrum, which you can then use to strum the strings of The Scotsman's logo, in silence.